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What is Brief Insights?

Informed by the experiences and opinions of practicing veterinary professionals, Brief Insights delivers compelling, survey‑based content that explores critical areas of pet healthcare and effects meaningful change for the veterinary industry.  Share your unique perspectives as a member of the Brief Insights Council, a community of veterinary professionals who provide feedback and direction on an array of topics crucial to the industry.


The Brief Insights Council is a qualified group of US small animal veterinary professionals involved in care delivery and practice management who bring unique perspectives and front-line experiences to the conversation. They are change agents who are both influential and knowledgeable. Council members participate in short monthly surveys. The survey results are published as Brief Insights reports, which include summary findings, expert analysis, and commentary from our thought leaders. 

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We value your opinion and feedback about what is going on in the world of veterinary care delivery. We invite you to apply to join the Brief Insights Council and take part in the exchange of ideas with a community of your peers. When you join the Brief Insights Council, you will be providing valuable information and insights about current issues and topics in care delivery and practice management. Your privacy is ensured. No personally identifiable information is shared.

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What is Brief Insights Council?

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