Research Note: Stability & Profiling of Urinary MicroRNAs in Cats with Pyelonephritis

This prospective case-control study sought to evaluate the presence and stability of microRNAs in cat urine and the discriminatory potential of selected urinary microRNAs for pyelonephritis. Explore what this study uncovered.

Urology & Nephrology

Research Note: Cardiac Ultrasonography for Detecting Occult Heart Disease in Cats

Can focused cardiac ultrasonography performed by nonspecialist practitioners improve the detection of occult heart disease in cats? Read the results of this study to find out.


Research Note: Clinicopathologic Abnormalities & Animal Triage Trauma Score in Cats with Bite Wounds

The animal trauma triage (ATT) score has been significantly associated with outcome in dogs and cats presented emergently. This retrospective study sought to document the clinical and clinicopathologic changes in cats presented with bite trauma and identify significant clinicopathologic changes associated with ATT.

Emergency Medicine & Critical Care

Research Note: Fluorescence in Situ Hybridization in Dogs with Gallbladder Mucoceles

How does fluorescence in situ hybridization compare with bile culture in the detection of bacteria in dogs with gallbladder mucoceles? Read the results of this study to find out.

Clinical Pathology

Research Note: Oxyclozanide as Treatment for Small Animal Bacterial Pathogens

Repurposing existing drugs can help promote good antimicrobial stewardship. Learn what this study uncovered regarding repurposing oxyclozanide as a treatment option for superficial pyoderma in small animals.

Pharmacology & Medications

Research Note: Needle Gauge Influence on Hemostasis Measures in Cats

Does needle gauge affect diagnostic measures of hemostasis in cats? Delve into the results of this study to find out.

Clinical Pathology

Research Note: Sampling Methods for Diagnosing Dermatophytosis in Cats

This study evaluated the best sampling protocol for using the toothbrush method in the diagnosis of dermatophytosis in cats.


Research Note: Antibody Response to Feline Panleukopenia Virus Vaccination

What did this study discover regarding adequate response to feline panleukopenia virus vaccination? Read the results to find out.

Pharmacology & Medications

Research Note: Pregabalin in the Treatment of Neuropathic Pain

Explore what this study uncovered regarding the effects of pregabalin on dogs with neuropathic pain associated with Chiari-like malformations and syringomyelia.


Research Note: Long-Term Outcome in Hoarded Cats

This study evaluated long-term outcomes of cats surrendered to shelters from hoarding environments. Learn what illnesses were identified and what may have attributed to this patient population’s high adoption rate.

Ethics & Human-Animal Bond

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