Research Note: Microsporum canis in Dermatophyte Cultures

This study aimed to determine how frequently Microsporum canis was isolated from untreated cats with suspected skin lesions or cats being treated for dermatophytosis.


Research Note: Effects of Alfaxalone in Guinea Pigs

Radiography is an important diagnostic tool in guinea pigs and frequently requires sedation. Uncover the results of this study on the use of intramuscular alfaxalone as a sedative for guinea pigs undergoing survey radiography.

Exotic Animal Medicine

Research Note: Concurrent Administration & Pharmacokinetics of Extended- Release Levetiracetam

This study evaluated the pharmacokinetics of extended-release levetiracetam administered as a single agent or concurrently with phenobarbital or zonisamide in epileptic dogs.

Pharmacology & Medications

Research Note: Luteinizing Hormone in Intact vs Neutered Cats

How accurately can a point-of-care luteinizing hormone test differentiate intact versus neutered status in cats? Read the results from this study to find out.


Research Note: Orthopoxvirus in a Cat

This study described a rapidly progressive infection in an Italian cat. Find out the cause of this cat's infection, and review possible zoonotic concerns.

Infectious Disease

Research Note: Recovery After Congenital Portosystemic Shunt Attenuation Surgery

Research shows that evaluating hepatic mRNA expression may help predict patient outcomes following congenital portosystemic shunt attenuation surgery.

Surgery, Soft Tissue

Research Note: Hair & Saliva Testing for Identification of Allergic Dogs

Are commercially-available hair and saliva tests able to correctly identify allergies in dogs? See what happened when several samples from both real and fake dogs were sent for analysis.


Research Note: Perfectionism & Its Impact on Performance & Mental Health

Many veterinarians exhibit perfectionistic tendencies, which can positively or negatively influence well-being. Discover the difference between 2 forms of perfectionism and which is more likely to lead to professional burnout.

Research Note: Caudal Articular Process Dysplasia

CT scans of neurologically normal dogs showed that the majority of pugs, French bulldogs, and English bulldogs appear to have this spinal malformation.

Genetics & Heritable Diseases

Research Note: Social Media Use & Mental Health & Well-Being

Social media can actually benefit an individual’s well-being, with limitations. Use these tips to make meaningful connections online.

Zoonoses & Public Health Concerns

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