Research Note: Machine Algorithms for Diagnosing Canine Hypoadrenocorticism

Can a machine learning algorithm serve as an accurate diagnostic tool for canine hypoadrenocorticism? Find out what this study discovered.

Endocrinology & Metabolic Diseases

Research Note: Potential Use of Activity Monitor to Evaluate Osteoarthritis in Cats

This study evaluated data signatures from an activity monitor of jumps performed in healthy cats that had no evidence of osteoarthritis or degenerative joint disease.


Research Note: Cleaning Procedures & Bacterial Contamination of Feline Inhalation Chambers

Do differing cleaning procedures of inhalation chambers have an effect on bacteria buildup in these devices? Explore what this study uncovered.

Respiratory Medicine

Research Note: Novel Serologic Markers & Autoantibodies in Dogs with Inflammatory Bowel Disease

The prevalence of inflammatory bowel disease in dogs warrants an easier route for diagnosis. Could the use of serologic markers be the solution?

Internal Medicine

Research Note: MRI for Spinal Cord & Soft Tissue Injury Evaluation

Can MRI be used as a single modality to evaluate spinal cord and soft tissue injuries in addition to vertebral fractures? Find out what this study uncovered.


Research Note: Temporal Changes in Dogs with Preclinical Myxomatous Mitral Valve Disease

Can monitoring of certain variables help enable earlier detection of congestive heart failure in dogs with myxomatous mitral valve disease? Explore the results of this study.


Research Note: Photobiomodulation Therapy Protocols in Dogs with Degenerative Myelopathy

Explore what this retrospective study discovered comparing two photobiomodulation therapy protocols and their effects on the progression of degenerative myelopathy clinical signs.


Research Note: Differentiating Cutaneous Epitheliotropic Lymphoma

Can CD20, a predominantly B-cell marker, be used to reliably differentiate between T- and B-cell cutaneous epitheliotropic lymphoma? A recent study examined the frequency of CD20+ staining in T-cell lymphoma, and its prognostic value. 


Research Note: UPC & UCC Ratios Collected at Home vs in Clinic

How much do results from urine samples collected at home differ from those collected at the clinic? Read what this study uncovered regarding UCC and UPC ratios.

Internal Medicine

Research Note: Neutralizing Feline Allergens

Cat allergies affect many humans worldwide and are a major risk factor for development of asthma and rhinitis. Explore the results of this study in which a feline diet with an egg-product ingredient containing anti-Fel d 1 IgY antibodies was fed to cats to safely neutralize Fel d 1.

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