Research Note: Body Temperature Measurement in Guinea Pigs

Small Mammals

Research Note: Homocysteine in Feline Chronic Kidney Disease

Few tests are recommended for early identification of early CKD in cats. Examine the results of this study that looked at using homocysteine as a possible biomarker.

Urology & Nephrology

Research Note: Diagnostic Value of Various Indexes in Psittacine Birds with Hepatic Disease

Liver disease is common in psittacines. Discover the results of this study that evaluated different tests for the diagnosis of liver disease in these birds.

Exotic Animal Medicine

Research Note: Vitamin D in Cats with Liver Disease

Humans with chronic cholestatic liver disease are vitamin D deficient. Is the same true in cats?

Internal Medicine

Research Note: Transanal Minimally Invasive Surgery in Canine Cadavers

Find out the results of this study that explored use of transanal minimally invasive surgery in canine cadavers.

Surgery, Soft Tissue

Research Note: Demyelinating Polyneuropathy in Miniature Schnauzers

A condition similar to Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease was identified in 12 young dogs. Learn more about the clinical signs and outcome for this condition in dogs.


Research Note: Ganciclovir Use in Cats with Feline Herpesvirus-1

Explore the results of this study on ophthalmic treatment in cats with feline herpesvirus-1.


Research Note: Absorbable Fixation Straps for Total Laparoscopic Gastropexy in Dogs

Explore the results of this study that compared load-to-failure results for absorbable fixation straps with absorbable knotless (barbed) sutures for total laparoscopic gastropexy.

Surgery, Soft Tissue|Web-Exclusive

Research Note: Stored Packed RBCs for Blood Transfusion

Does the storage time of packed RBCs impact hematologic, serum chemistry, and blood gas variables in patients receiving blood transfusions? Find out what this study uncovered.

Internal Medicine|Web-Exclusive

Research Note: Visual Aids for Navigation in Blind Dogs

Can visual aid devices help blind dogs navigate their surroundings? Find out what this study discovered.


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