Research Note: Akkermansia muciniphila After Antimicrobial Administration

Akkermansia muciniphila helps maintain the protective mucin barrier in the GI tract, and may have potential as a therapeutic probiotic.

Pharmacology & Medications

Research Note: Hepadnavirus in Immunocompromised Cats

A novel virus from the same family as hepatitis B was isolated from a FIV+ cat with concurrent lymphoma. This is the first report of such an infection in a carnivorous or companion animal species.

Infectious Disease

Research Note: B-Tubes for Esophageal Strictures

Dogs and cats with benign esophageal strictures responded well to this novel approach, utilizing indwelling dilatation tubes with inflations performed at home by clients.

Surgery, Soft Tissue

Research Note: Autologous Canine Skin Substitute

A proof-of-concept study used an autologous canine skin substitute to treat large wounds on two patients. Read more about this area of research. 

Surgery, Soft Tissue

Research Note: Babesiosis Vaccine Antigens

Recombinant technology could eliminate the need for dog blood and serum for production of the Babesia spp vaccine.

Preventive Medicine

Research Note: Signalment & Heat Stress in Dogs

Brachycephalic dogs are more susceptible to heat stroke, but other factors may increase the risk for all breeds of dogs.

Emergency Medicine & Critical Care

Research Note: Urinary Effects of Allopurinol in Dogs with Leishmaniasis

Review the the most common urinary adverse effects associated with allopurinol use in the treatment of canine leishmaniasis.

Pharmacology & Medications

Research Note: Palmitoylethanolamide & Homeostasis

Discover how a bioactive lipid used in one skin study reduced mast cell degranulation, histamine content, and vasodilation.


Research Note: Canine Vision & Color Blindness

Are dogs color-blind? One study’s findings support this long-held belief.


2017 ACVS Surgery Summit

From advances in wound care to a better understanding of GDV, explore this selection of topics from the ACVS Surgery Summit.

Surgery, Soft Tissue

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