Research Note: Perfectionism & Its Impact on Performance & Mental Health

Many veterinarians exhibit perfectionistic tendencies, which can positively or negatively influence well-being. Discover the difference between 2 forms of perfectionism and which is more likely to lead to professional burnout.

Research Note: Caudal Articular Process Dysplasia

CT scans of neurologically normal dogs showed that the majority of pugs, French bulldogs, and English bulldogs appear to have this spinal malformation.

Genetics & Heritable Diseases

Research Note: Social Media Use & Mental Health & Well-Being

Social media can actually benefit an individual’s well-being, with limitations. Use these tips to make meaningful connections online.

Zoonoses & Public Health Concerns

Research Note: Eastern Equine Encephalitis Virus

Consider this virus as a differential diagnosis in puppies with neurologic signs, especially after more common diseases such as distemper and rabies have been ruled out.

Infectious Disease

Research Note: Transmucosal Corn Syrup & Blood Glucose Concentrations in Kittens

Does corn syrup applied to the gingival tissue effectively treat hypoglycemia? This study examines the effect of transmucosal corn syrup on blood glucose levels.

Internal Medicine

Research Note: Crossmatch Transfusion Reactions & Efficacy

In transfusion naive cats, does major crossmatching improve transfusion efficacy and decrease reactions? One study found no significant difference in outcomes.

Emergency Medicine & Critical Care

Research Note: Infrared Thermography & Aortic Thromboembolism in Cats

Infrared photography was used to measure limb temperatures in cats with acute pelvic limb paralysis. Cats with confirmed feline aortic embolism (FATE) had diminished temperatures in the affected limbs as compared with other conditions causing similar symptoms.

Emergency Medicine & Critical Care

Research Note: Akkermansia muciniphila After Antimicrobial Administration

Akkermansia muciniphila helps maintain the protective mucin barrier in the GI tract, and may have potential as a therapeutic probiotic.

Pharmacology & Medications

Research Note: Hepadnavirus in Immunocompromised Cats

A novel virus from the same family as hepatitis B was isolated from a FIV+ cat with concurrent lymphoma. This is the first report of such an infection in a carnivorous or companion animal species.

Infectious Disease

Research Note: B-Tubes for Esophageal Strictures

Dogs and cats with benign esophageal strictures responded well to this novel approach, utilizing indwelling dilatation tubes with inflations performed at home by clients.

Surgery, Soft Tissue

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